Media Design in the on-Line Space

Custom built solutions to promote, inform and train

The has been tremendous growth in the number of people using media technologies to promote products and services. More established forms of print media / direct marketing are no longer the only forms of media used in marketing and branding.

Banner advertising is everywhere, PowerPoint sideshows, mini CDs, DVDs, copy-writing, eMarketing and many other forms of digital advertising. With web sites like YouTube, Vimeo and others making posting video easy, there are now millions and millions of video's on the web. Just because there are so many innovative and new ways to promote products and services doesn't always mean we have to use these just because they are readily available.

Think about the sophistication of professional Hollywood Blockbusters and Syndicated TV shows. Now compare that to the quality of many home made promotional videos. You can draw your own conclusions as to which of these digital experiences gives the viewer a better impression. If one thinks about internet or television advertising material in general, the reason why it makes such a good impression was the advertising agency put a whole lot of planning and thought into the project.

If you want your multimedia project to turn out successful, then put that extra thought and planning into whatever you do. You are likely to be more effective in promoting your products and services.

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Multimedia can be too much
Using it Correctly can make a Positive Impact.