HTML5 Animation

HTML5 Animation to Promote, Inform and Train

I still believe that when talking about the on-line space, next to full motion video, web compatible animation was and still is able to promote, inform and train like nothing else. Html5 animation is the next evolution from traditional Flash animation. Html5 animation doesn't require any special plug-ins like the Flash Player. Html5 animation works on smart-phones and tablets. This made flash practically obsolete, because it does not work on IOS or Android devices.

Comparing on-line video to Html5 animation is a little like comparing apples to oranges. But Html5 animation does have some advantages over video when talking about web page content because Html5 animation forms part of the page content, while embedded video is usually embedded from an external site. Although you can embed a video in an Html5 canvas object or provide an image link to a video within an Html5 animation it sort of misses the point of quick loading small library items in time sequences etc. From the performance vantage, video is heavy lifting compared to the much lighter Html5 animation. Video has its place as an embedded item or an individual link. The page Media Design has more information on using multimedia like video.

It was only after being comfortable with responsive web design that I jumped back into animation. All device compatible animations look good on PC's, laptops, tablets and cellphones. Tablet and cellphone animations also adjust to fit the screen when switching between portrait or landscape mode.

Animations can be very simple or complex. Contact us for ways to incorporate animations on your web site to promote your brand.

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