Responsive Web Sites any Screen

Responsive web design is not just a Pretty Face

Responsive web design has been an important breakthrough for web development because it solved difficult challenges designing for different screen sizes and screen orientation.

The first issue was that smart mobile devices, like cell phones and tablets came in all shapes and sizes. From 3.5 inch screens to overs 11+ inch screens.

The second issue was because these smart devices also had an inbuilt accelerometer. In other words one can now view content holding a cellphone or tablet in portrait or landscape mode. Another point to add to this issue is that researches have noted that cellphones in particular are more often held in portrait mode.

Responsive Web design basically means page content continually adjusts to fit your device and in the case of mobile will adjust again if you switch from portrait to landscape mode. No more touch screen horizontal scrolling on your cellphone. No more seeing only the left half of a web site banner.

All this happens Behind the Scenes

The person browsing doesn't need to know any of this. All they will see is that the content looks good on their device whether it's in portrait or landscape mode. A full banner and full width page content.

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A touch-screen friendly web site means...
You can view mobile content in portrait or landscape mode...